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Services and Facilities

Assistant Manager      Tel 1160
In the lobby of south building, time 07:30-23:00
Information & check-in      Tel 1161
In the lobby of south building,24-hour service.
Settle accounts、Currency exchange、Credit card    Tel 1162
In the lobby of south building,24-hour service. Main international currency can be exchanged at the cashier’s desk. Shopping and check-out can be paid by local and international credit cards accepted by the hotel.
Room reservation      Tel 1132
Selection of different types of rooms available
Check-in、Check-out &Room rate accounting
The deadline for check-out is 12:00 noon, after 12:00 noon, an extra of 50% of the room rate will be charged; after 18:00, a full day room rate will be charged. Early check-in from 04:00-06:00, 50% of the room rate will be charged; before 04:00, fykk dat riin rate wukk be cgarged.
Luggage & Taxi service      Tel 1164
A 24-hour service is rendered through the concierge. In the lobby of south building provides deposit. Located at the concierge in the lobby of storage for small items (not including merchandise, valuables, exhibits).
Postage Service      Tel 1163
Stamps are available at the business center, letter and express mail also available at the business center.
Safety-deposit      Tel 1162
The cashier’s at the front office will provide a safety deposit box free of charge, available 24-hour service. Please immediately place your valuables in the safety deposit, other wise the hotel can not be responsible for th items.
Lost and Found      Tel 1160
If you lose any items, please report it to the Assistant Manager in the lobby.
Ticketing      Tel 1163
Located at the business center in the lobby, Chinese and international air tickets, bus tickets and train tickets service are available in the business center.
Message      Tel 1163
Please dial“0”with the operator. Your can also inform our front desk.
Florist      Tel 1160
Please connect with Assistant Manager. Provide flowers (and flower-baskets etc) ordering service. Service time:08:00-20:00
Shopping arcade      Tel 1105
Located on the first floor of the lobby. Provides daily commodities, garments, kinds of high-grade foods, cigarettes, leathers, cosmetics, high-grade presents etc.
2)Located on the first floor in the lobby. Provides tourism arts, jewelry, jadewares, calligraphy & paintings etc.
Please insert the magnetic card into the power socket to switch on the electric power supply.
Temperature-control Tel 1168
Central air-condition system adopted in the hotel. Please contact the housekeeping center for any help.
Room potable water Tel 1168
The cold & hot water from the water pipe in wash room is not drinkable directly. Electric water heater or thermos flask is supplied in your room. If you have any other requests, contact with the housekeeping.
Baby-sitting or Child-care Tel 1168
Please contact the housekeeping and make an appointment 2 hour ahead.Roll-away bedding Tel 1161
Roll-away bedding is available in the hotel.
Shoe-shinning      Tel 1168
If you need shoe-shinning service, please contact with the housekeeping.
Mini-bar & foods      Tel 1168
Popular drinks, foods and foreign liquors are available in the mini-bar, if you would like to know the price, please have a look at the price list. The attendant checks and fills the bar daily, and the items consumed will be charged to the bill, drinks foods and foreign liguors, once opened, it is seemed to have been consumed, please contact with the housekeeping if you need any other beverages or fruits.
Room facilities maintenance      Tel 1168
If there’s any problem with the facilities in your room, Please contact with the housekeeping.
Magnetic key card Tel1161
Please leave your magnetic key card to the reception before leaving the hotel. If you lose your magnetic key card or the door fails to open. Please inform the reception right away.
Room power supply   Tel 1168
The eletricity in the room is 220V 50Hz AC power, the sockets in the bathroom provide 240V and 110V electrical power respectively, please make sure to use the right socket before you plug into your personal electrical appliance. If you want to use other forms of electrical appliance, please notify the housekeeping center in advance..
Wake-up call    Tel  0
Please dial “0” to contact the operator to arrange your wake-up time.
Room service    Tel  1166
Room service is available within 24 hours. Please consult “room service menu”.
Laundry service   Tel  1168
Laundry bags can be found in the wardrobe, the laundry can be returned at 18:00 the same day. If you inform us before 12:00 noon; and put the laundyry into the laundry bag and fill in the laundry list. The laundry collected after 12:00 noon will be sent back to your room at 16:00 next day, if you need an express service, please inform us before 15:00 and the laundry can be returned within 3 hours. But extra express service charge will be paid.
Visitors     Tel  1168
Visiting hours are from 08:00 to 23:00, visitors can not enter the guestroom unless he has the permissions from the person to be visited. For the safety, visitors are required to leave the guest room before 23:00. Anybody who can’t leave for any reasons, he should register at the reception desk according to the hotel’s regulation.
Massage   Tel  1139
Please contact the leisure center, if you need massage service.


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