Scenic, southern culture, lush vegetation, like spring.


With the "Golden Port, reputation model of human settlements" in Zhangjiagang, located in the South Bank of the Yangtze River downstream, is an emerging modern port city. In 1962 the establishment of Shazhou County, county to build the city in 1986, the territory of natural port -- Zhangjiagang port name.
This is a city with a long history of Jiangnan bentonite, eight thousand years of site East Village witnessed the dawn of civilization in the Neolithic age; the ancient Huang Si Pu spring had raised master Jian Zhen Dongdu sail; the Yangtze River Hill, Liu Tianhua had filled with the moving chapter.
This is a new type of city youth, in the new era of compete Qianfan, Zhangjiagang to harmonious and progressive attitude, sonorous pace up front runner. UN Habitat Award, national civilized city, the national ecological city, the National Health City, National Garden City, national culture advanced city, etc.. 100 national honor, run on a Binjiang city charm glory.
Zhangjiagang is located in the coastal and the Yangtze River two major economic development zone interchange, the economic prosperity of the city to accept the ring out around, strong radiation Chinese high-speed development and to open up and drive. The city has a total area of 999 square kilometers, the household register population 908000. North Shore Yangtze River, south of Taihu. Along the high-speed, high-speed, 204 State Road, tin, the rapid expansion of foreign traffic, to build to Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi and other surrounding city one hour traffic circle. Accelerated and the Shanghai economic circle, the perfect docking suxichang economic circle, a significant advantage, drive the process of be on the upgrade of Zhangjiagang city. The dynamic city of Binjiang, peaceful Xinyuan resort to beauty and warmth to meet every VIP arrival.
Three - April
In March, Phoenix, acres of Taoyuan brilliant red, million Zhidan color burn of spring. Once a year, the China Zhangjiagang Phoenix peach Festival and cultural tourism week on a warm spring breeze, bring the land of idyllic beauty like feel for you.
With the spring wind, Mu Taoyuan into a piece of pink flowers, the air was filled with the sweet fragrance of flowers, The rosy clouds are slowly rising., yourenruzhi. The best place for Ornamental Peach is located at the foot of the mountain is just acres of Taoyuan, where the peach tree age more than 8 years, good variety, color is, stretch as far as eye can see the peach bloom, like Tao Yuanming's' the Peach Garden 'human beauty.
The year May in Chinese lunar calendar, is the memory of the patriotic poet Qu Yuan and the Dragon Boat Festival (Dragon Boat). Third Century BC, Qu Yuan because of voice by Chu banished, drowned himself in exile. When people heard, have rice dumplings into the river, so that the fish will not bite the body of Qu Yuan, and the drums in the river, scare the fish away, so that Qu Yuan's body from harm. Now, every fifth day of May, people will eat dumplings, dragon boat.
September October
In October 1st, the people's Republic of China National Day.
The lunar calendar in August fifteen is the Mid Autumn Festival, usually in the ten month calendar. This is one of two Garden Festival, Chinese are like with the full moon, taste different flavors of Dan Huang Lianrong moon cake, there are many new fine food.
Before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, arrived again the season of osmanthus fragrance, Xinyuan garden of sweet scented osmanthus blooming, exudes aromas of sweet fragrance, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind in the air, attracting guests and pedestrians stop to watch.
Zhangjiagang Yangtze River culture and Art Festival
Zhangjiagang specialty
The Yangtze River four fresh: Dao fish, catfish, walleye, puffer
Specialties: China hemp cake, cake, drag furnace high Zhuang dried bean curd, peaches Phoenix, duck blood glutinous rice, fragrant, Nansha deer liquid


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